About us

About us

Global Future Academy (GFA) was born based on the cooperation with Frankiln Virtual Schools/Franklin Learning Center (USA) - a subsidiary of Sterling Partners investment fund, one of the leading educational investment funds in the US.

The study programs at GFA apply the 4.0 learning method - Blended Learning (combining online learning with American teachers with the support of teachers in Vietnam).

With the pioneering mission of giving Vietnamese students the opportunity to access the most advanced educational quintessence, Global Future Academy for the first time opens the opportunity to enjoy "American-Canadian Standard Education" at a reasonable cost. for millions of students from grade 9 to grade 12 in Vietnam.


About us

Our Vision

With a system of diverse and comprehensive educational programs of international standards right in Vietnam, we want to connect and create a "global classroom" space with the Vietnamese student community and teachers and students. passionate learners around the world.

Programs that are rigorously tested for quality and teaching methods, as well as diverse in content, will stimulate students to form creative and proactive thinking, interesting extracurricular activities With the enthusiastic support of lecturers, Vietnamese students will be ready to become future global citizens, competing equally with international students.

Core Value

  1. SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT Enterprise consolidation, sustainable development.
  2. PROGRESSIVE SPIRIT Always listen and strive to learn to improve continuously.
  3. SOLIDARITY The spirit of sharing, understanding and solidarity to work towards a common goal
    Dedication to complete the work with all passion
  5. CREATIVITY CONTINUOUSLY Actively creative in work, innovative in thinking to meet the needs of customers.

Our Teaching Staffs

Global Future Academy students have access to the quintessence of international education directly taught by American instructors with many years of experience and supported by Global Future Academy's academic advisors with the aim of helping students achieve their goals. best learning outcomes.




American high school programs at Global Future Academy are accredited and certified by leading educational institutions in the US (Cognia, SACS, etc.). American high school diplomas are recognized worldwide.


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